Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Welcome to my weblog on explorations into the awe-inspiring biodiversity of molluscs (snails and clams in particular) and many other creatures inhabiting the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and Malaysia in particular as well as the varied environments around this biodiverse region. Paleontology, geology and many other fields of my interests are also shared with equal dash of enthusiasm. Happy viewing!

Last updated: 14 January 2012

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Blue Horizon said...

Hi JK,

I am the author of http://www.junglediary.com which talks about my past and present experiences in the Malaysian forests.

Thank you for linking to me and many other sites so freely, in your Blogroll.

I recently just changed my domain name to http://www.rainforestjournal.com, and would like to notify you of this change. Is it alright if you updated my link to the new one to reflect the change?

Thank you very much!